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 The Hotel El Colibri Rojo is more than a comfortable Bed and Breakfast, we also offer all our tips, all our tips, we have many contacts to organize your activities.





Our selection

1) The national park of Cahuita: Being located next to the entrance of the park, it is our “Best of”. Meet animals and lush vegetation along with wild beaches. We can organize guided tours of the park during the day and during the night! Ask us.

2) The beaches of Cahuita are located at 3 minutes away from the hotel (playa Negra, Play Blanca)

3) Puerto Viejo and its beaches (15 minutes away from the hotel).

4) The Jaguar Rescue Center. A health center and a refuge for animals.  A guided private or group tour is possible. It is an unique opportunity to learn and observe anim

5) The indigenous village of Bribri (25 minutes away from the hotel) : Participate in a “Chocolate Tour”, discover medicinal plants and local traditions. We can organize a homestay visit in a traditional wooden house, one of the most sensational excursions.

6) Visit the Bribri Waterfall: a place out of time and a landscape totally different from the Caribbean coast just minutes away from the hotel.

7) Horseback riding between jungle and beaches …. Simply magical

8) Snorkeling (mask + snorkel) or fishing day – departure from Cahuita port.

9) Hikes to different “Miradors” (points of view). We will tell you the right spots!

We offer multiple excursions from the hotel


  • Shuttles to Tortuguero or Bocas del Toro
  • Rafting or Zipline day
  • Day visit of the native reserve of Yorkin
  • Day visit the canals of Moïn, Tortuguero

Discover Cahuita

Cahuita is a small and quiet Caribbean village bordered by the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Here, you will quickly take a relaxed rhythm where the pura vida is the line of conduct to respect. We are lucky to have desert wild beaches where you will find your little corner for a moment of calm and a swim in crystal clear water.

Cultural Diversity


Native Community of Yorkin and Watsi of Bribri

It is possible to visit 2 native reserves from the Colibri Rouge.

The first one is Watsi Bribri where you can discover the manufacture of cocoa in a traditional way, medicinal plants and their culture.

The second is Yorkin. It is accessible by canoe up the Yorkin River (close to Panama). The presence of amenities allows you to live a unique experience with the opportunity to spend a night. Villagers grow their food and barter cocoa for other products.

Typical and colorful villages

The villages of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to the south of Limón will enchant you with their few streets covered with sand, their bars and restaurants in a relaxed atmosphere. And above all, the Caribbean Sea in the background, it has an undeniable charm!

More than a third of the population is Afro-Caribbean (descendants of Jamaican or Barbadian immigrants who came to work in banana plantations) celebrating their legacy to the sounds of reggae and calypso to the rhythm of carnivals all noted by a spicy cuisine.

The cuisine, the calypso, the colorful carnivals and the local dialect: this melting pot alone justifies a stay on the Caribbean coast.

If you do not know whether to choose Cahuita or Puerto Viejo come to the Colibri Rouge we are in between (3min from Cahuita and 10min from Puerto Viejo). Coming to Cahuita you will understand all the meaning of the famous “PURA VIDA”.



SURF – All levels courses

Surfing is certainly the country’s most famous sport and the beaches of the region are frequented by surfers from all over the world. Enjoy your stay in Cahuita to challenge the waves of the Atlantic. If you are new to surfing and the experience tempts you, don’t hesitate! 

KAYAK and PIROGUE – River | Sea

Kayaking is the ideal way to practice a sport while enjoying the surrounding nature. Here you can explore the mangroves on the Rio Estrella near the Sixaola River in the heart of the lush vegetation. If you are lucky on the sea, you can approach the dolphins and sea turtles that populate the Atlantic Ocean.

ARTISANAL FISHING – Traditional practices

At the edge of the Cahuita National Park it is possible to make an excursion dedicated to the practice (or initiation) of traditional fishing. It is in the company of the local fishermen that we propose you to try the experiment. On board a small motorboat you will use three fishing methods: live bait deep peach with dead bait and trolling.

BIKE & HORSE – Between beaches and typical villages

The area is ideal for cycling and horseback riding on the paths along the beach and the jungle. You can go spend the day exploring the surroundings along the Atlantic coast and meet the locals.

Wildlife observation


GREEN TURTLES – Tortuguero

Large green turtles measure on average 140 cm for about 150 kg. The BC (Caribbean Conservation Corporation) has been leading a research base since the 1950s for the conservation of marine turtles. Today, thanks to the surveillance of the park’s beach some 40000 green turtles (or 100000 nests) come to nest each year in Tortuguero instead of 3.

MIGRATORY BIRDS – Keköldi Reserve

Located near Cahuita this reserve has, among other things, 2 observation towers to observe birds and in particular, the raptor migrations phenomenon that comes and goes between the north and south of the continent from January to February and from October to November. A total of 17 raptor species were counted. Among the best known are eagles and hawks. The reserve hosts the beautiful waterfall Río Cocles that can be visited with local guides.  


A unique opportunity to witness the laying of leatherback turtles that congregate on the beaches of the Caribbean. Although present in every seas of the world, leatherback turtles (the largest reptile on the planet) are endangered. They are mainly victims of industrial fishing poaching of eggs and pollution by plastic bags. They gateher from March to June on the beaches  – it is a show you must see.

DAUPHINS – Cahuita et Gandoca 

Off Cahuita Manzanillo or Puerto Viejo you may be lucky to meet one of three species of dolphins living in tropical Caribbean waters. The tucuxi this rare pink-gray dolphin with a pink belly and long snout lives in Gandoca’s freshwater rivers and lagoons. This excursion is ideal after a hike in the Cahuita Park


Take advantage of your stay in the region to make the most rewarding stop by visiting the Cahuita Tree of life or the Jaguar Rescue Center in Cocles (Puerto Viejo).

Protected natural sites


CAHUITA NATIONAL PARK – Fauna flora and seabed

300 meters away from the red hummingbird is the exit of the national park. If you want, we will drop you at the entrance of the park. The Cahuita National Park was created in 1978 with the primary goal of protecting the beautiful coral reef that can be discovered on a boat trip for snorkeling. It contains mangroves, a tropical rain forest and two white sand beaches lined with coconut trees. In addition to swimming, snorkelling, beach games and nature watching, hiking is a great way to explore the park from one area to another.


Located to the north of the Atlantic coast it is a vast protected space. The park can be discovered during boat trips. Its canals will leave you with unforgettable memories, especially because this mini “Amazonian forest” is the preferred nesting place for green turtles (from July to October).



The Gandoca Manzanillo site is made up of a mosaic of habitats that extends into the Caribbean Sea where several species of sea turtles breed. You may be lucky to witness the laying of leatherback turtles in the village of Gandoca. On land, the reserve hosts a mangrove swamp and a tropical rainforest. Manatees and tucuxi dolphins populate the lagoons and estuaries which are also important breeding grounds for sharks fish and lobsters. Different trails welcome hikers between jungle and beach.


This 100 km2 reserve at the end of the Rio Estrellas Valley extends to the western slopes of the Talamanca Mountains 60 km south of Limón. It’s a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. This reserve, being one of the least visited in the country, will allow you to have a good chance of seeing wild animals.


Average $53/night


Principal road (Road 36) between Cahuita & Puerto Viejo – Comadré – Puerto Vargas

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